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Commercial Pest Control And Extermination


commercial pest management and solutions proveded by Ace Pest Control in the las vegas areaWe are experts in commercial pest management in Las Vegas. Our locally-owned and operated company has taken care of Las Vegas businesses since 1978. Putting our client’s needs first guarantees the quality of our service.

We go the extra mile to keep our staff informed of the latest procedures, equipment, pesticides, and newest application techniques.

Eliminating Pests In Your Building

As a business owner, it’s important that your facility be free of pests. The impact of a client seeing pests around or inside your place of business could be detrimental to the professional image you are trying to portray. Don’t risk the possible embarrassment and stability of your business relations with your clients. Let Ace Pest Control professionally cleanse your office of any unwanted insects or pests. Our specialized process of commercial pest control is extremely effective and backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Commercial Exterminator in Las Vegas

The only things worse than bugs and insects in your place of business is mice, rats and rodents.  Not only do rodents embarrass you in front of your employees and potential clients, they also present a significant health risk. Don’t take the chance of having damage done to the computer and electronic components of your business from rats chewing on the cables and cords. Mice can be a problem for your business in more ways than one. Our standard of excellence requires perfection in every task that we perform. Allow Ace Pest Control to be your commercial exterminator – at your service.

Ready To Exterminate Your Business of Unwanted Pests

We handle accounts for all types of commercial properties. Whether you operate a golf course, restaurant, bar, daycare, retail store, vacation resort, medical offices, or business complex we can provide rodent control and removal services that cater to your needs. We use our proven commercial pest control techniques and a variety of tools to rid your place of business of any unwanted pests. Ace Pest Control can handle the commercial rodent and pest control removal and extermination needs of any business regardless of size.

If you are interested in our commercial pest control services, have any questions regarding any of our services, or would like to request a free quote, please feel free to call Ace Pest Control in Las Vegas NV and the surrounding areas today.

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