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Scorpion Control

Protecting Your Home in Las Vegas: The Importance of Bimonthly Pest Control and Dealing with Scorpions

December 14, 2023  |   Scorpion Control    

Las Vegas, with its unique climate, presents distinct challenges for homeowners battling pests, particularly scorpions, during the winter months. At Ace Pest Control, we understand

Smoke Detectors, Air Filters, and Pigeons

May 1, 2019  |   Uncategorized    

Smoke Detectors, Air Filters, and Pigeons Three things that seem as if they have no connection to one another. If you really think about it,

Our #1 Nemesis

March 30, 2019  |   Uncategorized    

Our #1 Nemesis   They?re known for more than just letting themselves into your home whenever they feel is necessary. They carry bacteria, transmit disease,

Always Ask About Pesticides!

March 4, 2019  |   Uncategorized    

  There are so many things out there for us to be afraid of now? The pesticides your pest control company uses shouldn?t be one

Don’t Bring Roaches Home With You

February 1, 2019  |   Blog, Pest Control Tips Category    

Do you work at a restaurant, fast food joint, or any sort of food establishment? Do you find yourself sick quite a lot? Most women

Oriental Roaches and DIY Steps to Prevent an Infestation

April 24, 2018  |   Blog    

  Nobody likes a filthy home. And if you find roaches, then that is the absolute worst. One common bug that you can find dwelling

Healthcare Pest Control

March 27, 2018  |   Blog    

Being able to monitor and control pest infestations is very important. Being able to keep secondary infections under control in a hospital or medical facility

Earwigs and What to Know

March 20, 2018  |   Blog    

What is an Ear Wig? The earwig is an insect that most people know about. Earwigs have long skinny bodies with long antennae. There are

Warning Signs of Bed Bugs

March 13, 2018  |   Bed Bug Control, Blog    

If you believe you have bed bugs its time to read this. We all hear about bed bugs from here or there. Does anyone know