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Importance of Scorpion Control Scorpion Pest Control Las Vegas

Scorpion Control Las VegasScorpions are the one type of bug that should be taken seriously. Unlike roach and ant infestations that are simply disgusting and annoying, scorpions are dangerous. In the valley of Las Vegas there are two types of scorpions and both are poisonous.

The first type is the common local variety which is yellow and brown. It is usually two to four inches in length. The other type is a Bark scorpion which is green and usually one to two inches in size. The Bark scorpion is accidentally imported with palm trees from Arizona during housing booms.

If you see either of these scorpions in your home you should seek professional pest control that specializes in scorpions. If you are bit by a common local variety or Bark scorpion then you should seek immediate medical attention.

In addition to scorpions? tails that are equipped with poisonous stingers, they also have powerful biting mouths and claws which can pinch. Putting your foot into a show with a scorpion inside of it or going to bed with a scorpion under the covers is not something you want to ever go through.

Scorpions are so aggressive that they will even eat each other. With their abundant numbers in Nevada, combined with their aggression and love for the dark (closets and beds), scorpions make for an awful bug to have inside the home.

Residents of Las Vegas who are allergic to bees or have children are under even more stress to insure that they are safe inside their home from scorpions. However, you don?t have to worry about such threats if you take the necessary precautions to keep scorpions and other bugs away.

Eliminate Scorpions From Your Home Or Business

At Ace Pest Control we offer a FREE pest inspection that includes all types of vermin, including scorpions and other harmful bugs. The faster you can identify infestations or holes in your home that leave it open to bugs, the faster we can exterminate them and secure your home.

We have been in the pest control industry for over three decades and can effectively eliminate spiders, roaches, rodents, scorpions, and other types of vermin. In fact, scorpions feed on roaches and other small bugs. They hang upside down on ceilings and wait for bugs to come by.

If you remove roaches and other bugs from your home, you?re already less likely to have scorpions invade as well. That?s why when we eliminate scorpions we also take the proper steps to eliminate other bugs so that scorpions aren?t attracted into the home again.

If you?re interested in hiring us to remove scorpions or other insects from your property or have any questions, give us a call at (702) 871-1211.

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