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There?s something unsettling about fleas. Maybe it?s the way they can jump tall flea-sized buildings in a single bound. Maybe it?s the fact that something so small can inflict so much misery. Maybe it?s just that getting rid of them is so difficult. Whatever the case, the good news is that fleas don?t have to spell fear, even when it seems the fearsome little critters that leave us itching. Ace Pest Control has a team experienced in flea control and extermination.

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Fleas Control Las VegasMany people are shocked to discover they have fleas despite the absence of a pet in the home. All it takes is to walk through the grass near a flea-inhabited area, and without realizing it, anyone can provide a wandering flea with a free ride home.

Once fleas enter a home, establishing a legacy of future fleas is easy. A single flea can lay up to 200 eggs at a time. Those eggs, which roll off surfaces into carpet or bedding, can lie undisturbed and undetected for a couple weeks at a time. Once they hatch, the tiny larvae remain hidden until they mature into adult fleas, ready to reveal themselves by their annoying red mosquito-like welts, the unwelcome calling cards that these bloodsucking intruders love to leave.

Although fleas can multiply quickly, maturing all at once so that it seems they?ve invaded a home overnight, the truth is that flea control isn?t impossible. Even if it appears the fleas have fled, it?s important to realize that the battle may be over, but the war could be far from won. A small flea infestation may be easily handled, but the secondary infestation once all the eggs have hatched and matured can make flea control much more difficult. Regular vacuuming can go a long way in keeping the flea eggs picked up as long as the vacuum is emptied and the contents are removed promptly; otherwise the fleas will just continue to multiply in the vacuum cleaner.

Our team of trained pest control specialists knows what it takes to rid your home of fleas for good. Call Ace Pest Control today for flea inspection in the Las Vegas NV and Henderson NV surrounding areas.

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