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Over 35 Years of pest control experience from Ace Pest Control in Las Vegas NVExterminate The Pests In Your Home

A classic knee-jerk reaction when a six-legged critter runs across the kitchen floor is to call the local pest management expert. Whether it is one bug or a whole swarm sends even the fearless running for the phone number of the local exterminator is not uncommon. Then the actuality of living in an infested house in the Las Vegas area is unnerving. It can lead to sleepless nights listening for the sounds between the walls of the house or in the bed.

Treating Your Home For Insects And Bugs

A way to help with the extermination of the insects in the home, it is essential to identify them. It is important to note the insect’s color, body shape, the number of body segments, and legs of the insect. This is crucial to establishing a plan to eliminate and control the insect population on the premises. Ace technicians are experts and know the details about these intrusive insects and can determine what tactics, and treatments will be required depending on the species found. Treatments to control bugs that react quickly on carpenter ants are always effective on American cockroaches, or pest infestations found in Las Vegas and Henderson NV homes.

Exterminators Can Locate Hidden Pests

Las Vegas ExterminatorAce professionals will know where to look for parasites that affect the home and loved ones. It is reasonable to have an expert come to inspect your home if you suspect that pest have invaded your residence and require extermination. Finding these little bugs that are the size and shape of an apple seed has no reflection on the cleanliness of a home or property. These little brown bugs hitchhike their way into your residence.

Pest can easily hide in suitcases, or attach themselves to clothing. Hidden in the crevices of antique or used furniture or mattresses brought into your home, raises the risks of finding pest in the home. It is not unusual for pest to sleep all day in box springs and mattresses while spending the evenings biting at the skin and sucking the blood of their victims. Ace Pest Control exterminators can locate these parasites to keep children and pets safe and protected from pest bites.

Diseases And Bacteria Caused By Pests

Parasites carry disease and bacteria that can affect family members. Being exposed to these insects can cause severe illnesses if not exterminated. Most are just annoying, but many can cause severe medical reactions.

  • Cockroaches carry E Coli and salmonella, they also amplify health issues related to allergies causing bronchial asthma, ear infections, sinusitis, headaches and skin rashes
  • Tick bites can cause a dangerous condition known as Lyme disease, which secondary symptoms include rashes, fatigue, and extreme pain
  • Ants carry bacteria that can contaminate food
  • Wasps and bee stings not only cause infections at the site of their stings but generate severe allergic reactions
  • Mice and Rats can be carries of various bacteria and disease, and are historically remembered for the Bubonic plague

Residential Pest Management For Your Home And Property In Las Vegas

Working as a team, both the homeowner and exterminator can retain control of the bug population on your property and in your home. With periodic treatments, insects will not be able to set up housekeeping in the home. The homeowner can inspect his home and seal any cracks and crevices in the foundation, and walls. Insects are attracted to water sources for survival, so it is necessary to find any water leaks and fix them. Checking and repairing the seals around windows, entry doors, and garage doors will help to keep insects from finding their way into the home. Double-check and repair the seals around cable wires and pipe fittings along the outside of the home and seal them from the elements and bugs. With a little attention to details along with regular extermination treatments from the experts at Ace Pest Control, your residence will be liberated from those irritating parasites.

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