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Hotel and Motel Pest Control and Prevention


Hotel And Motel Pest Control in las vegas nv and henderson nevadaLodging and Hospitality Pest Control for Las Vegas or Henderson NV metro areas is critical as one pest outbreak could close your doors for good. Even the smallest pest outbreak isolated to a few rooms within the hotel could cost you a pretty penny, as you will have to close them down while the problem is addressed which will result in the loss of revenue for your business. Should the health department catch wind of a pest problem, your establishment could be shut down and fined. The worst consequence will be the damage to your reputation as once it has been destroyed, it is hopeless to try and restore. Don’t let the pests win and protect your hotel or motel from a potential infestation by contacting Ace Pest Control today!

If you have yet to experience a hotel or motel pest infestation, it may feel like preventative pest control is not urgent and will not be an issue in the future. It is in your best interest to not delay on creating and implementing a sound pest prevention strategy because should you encounter a pest issue, you will wish that you took the initiative to protect your business.

Hotel and motels are highly appealing places for pests. The warmth and access to food is inviting for pests, even in establishments with impeccable hygiene. It is necessary to be prepared for potential pest control issues, especially since regular travelers are known to carry pests on their person that will likely cause major problems for your business and this is the most common way for pest infestations to occur within the hospitality industry.

Preventing Pest Infestations In Your Hotel or Motel

Ace Pest Control implements industry best practices using advanced integrated pest management techniques with state of the art equipment to ensure that your hotel or motel is protected from potential outbreaks. Pest prevention for hotels and motels will give your business peace of mind because you will have the protection from seasoned professionals with years of experience in keeping these types of establishments’ pest free. Educating hotel and motel staff on how to prevent pest infestations is also highly encouraged and will likely be a significant part of your comprehensive pest prevention plan.

If your hospitality business offers food and drink, it is at an increased risk for infestation. When implementing pest prevention techniques, paying special attention to these areas will be essential in protecting your investment. Like Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this could not be any truer for pest prevention in the hospitality industry.

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