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Local Las Vegas Scorpion Tips


Local Las Vegas Scorpion Tips Listed here are a few ways to make your home and property less habitable for scorpions as well as other pests. All of the tips are simple and can be completed in under an hour at any home for very little cost. By pruning you’re landscaping, removing pest habitats as

Five mistakes homeowners make with outdoor pest control.


Five mistakes homeowners make with outdoor pest control. Many homeowners will find themselves in a position where they need to take steps and eradicate a pest control problem in the backyard, garden or front lawn. More often than not we find ourselves reaching for the nearest over the counter solution that offers the fastest results.

Common House Spiders in Las Vegas


Common House Spiders in Las Vegas It is normal to hear names like 'cobweb spider' or 'house spider' tossed around regularly and mostly out of context. Little do these people know that cobweb spiders and house spiders are actual species and not mere generalizations. Unsurprisingly, Arachnophobia is among the top 10 phobias in the world.

Spring Pest Control Treatment


Spring Pest Control Treatment in Las Vegas and Henderson NV Spring season brings beautiful flowers and growth with it, but unfortunately it also bring the warm and wet environment which kick pests into their hyperactive and breeding modes. Getting ready for spring and summer is easy with an early spring pest treatment designed to stop

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