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Warning Signs of Bed Bugs

March 13, 2018  |   Bed Bug Control, Blog    

Bed Bugs

If you believe you have bed bugs its time to read this. We all hear about bed bugs from here or there. Does anyone know what it?s like to have them or know if you have them?

Bed Bugs are great at hiding and avoiding detection. If you don?t know what to look for you don?t know if you have them.

  1. What do they look like?
    1. You will need to know what they look like to get a good confirmation if you have them. They are brownish to reddish and a bit flat and misshapen.
  2. Where do they like to hide?
    1. They often like to hide around the seams of your mattress, behind the headboard, cracks in your walls, or carpets.
  3. What are symptoms of having Bed Bugs?
    1. You will see small brown spots or stains on your mattress. This is typically the bed bugs feasting on human flesh.
    2. You will have bites on your flesh, the difference from bed bugs to other insects like mosquitos is Bed Bugs like to bite in clusters.
    3. Looking in Bed Bugs Hiding Places your might find dead skin which is that of bed bugs as they shed their skin often.

Most of us would like to live in denial and think the problem will just go away, this is not the case. If you find the Bed Bugs at the early stages, this is the most ideal. The Bed bugs will mainly be contained to one room and have not multiplied to much. If you ignore the issue the bed bugs will multiple and spread through the house, from your bed, to the carpet, couches, and even clothing. Once this happens you have a big problem that is not going to be easy or cheap to fix. That is why you will want to stay weary of the warning signs and act quickly.

If you do see these early warning signs, its best to contact a professional like those at Ace Pest Control. There are special chemicals that only licensed Exterminators can get. These special chemicals are designed to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

We here at Ace Pest Control are striving to be informative to keep you in the know, as well as your go to for all your pest control needs.