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Summer Time Scorpions in Las Vegas

October 5, 2017  |   Blog, Scorpion Control    

Las Vegas summers are infamous for heralding scorpion sightings. The desert heat is the optimal environment for scorpions bringing them out and exposing you and your family. Many people live in Las Vegas without seeing a scorpion, while others find them everywhere. Scorpions are small and can easily squeeze through small openings in search for a dark hiding place. Scorpions can be both dangerous and poisonous, making it important to be informed and also invest in scorpion control.

Las Vegas Scorpions

Nevada is home to approximately 25 species of scorpions but the Las Vegas valley mainly sees the common variety scorpion and the Bark Scorpion.

Common variety scorpions are typically 2-4 inches in length with yellow and brown coloring. Bark scorpions are 1-3 inches long with light brown or yellow coloring and a stripe down the center of its back. Bark scorpions have the ability to climb and are most commonly found in cool, moist conditions. Outside you can spot them between rock crevices, in mulch or in trees. Inside the home, you may find them in a closet or any room where they may find water

What To Do When Stung

The sting of a bark scorpion can extremely painful and cause serious medical problems including pain, numbness, increased heart rate or blood pressure, trouble breathing, muscle weakness, swelling, sweating, muscle twitching, and others. If a bark scorpion stings you, is important to clean the area, apply a cold pack, elevate the area and closely monitor how your body reacts. Not all stings will cause severe reactions, but it is far better to seek medical attention if symptoms become serious.

If there is a child or elderly person in the family who has been stung, there might be a more serious cause for concern and it is better to immediately seek medical attention. Children and the elderly have a frail body composition that the scorpion venom can affect more intensely.

Las Vegas Scorpion Control

As a precaution measure, do a thorough sweep of the areas around your home for any scorpions. Summer is the birthing season and leads to more scorpions. As such, if you find scorpion in or around your home, Ace Pest Control recommends addressing the problem before any member of your family is stung. We have over 10 years of experience eliminating scorpion infestations ensuring your family and pets are protected. Contact us today for the most effective Scorpion Control services and peace of mind.

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