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Is Silverfish Dangerous to Humans?

January 25, 2017  |   Blog    


The small and slender, light gray to blue colored crawler on your carpet i.e. silverfish is agitating and intimidating simultaneously. Also, known as fish moth or carpet shark, silverfish has fish-like behavior and manners. Its skin shines in bright light. When silverfish is young, it does not have silver scales on the body, which is why, it looks white in color. The insect grows silver scales when it matures.

Life Cycle and Reproduction

Silverfish has a life cycle of 3?4 months. Silverfish may lay eggs at any time of the year.

Habitat and Behavior

Silverfish mostly likes humid and moist environments. These are also known as carpet sharks because they live in the carpets during humid temperature. They mostly live in sinkholes, drainage systems, water collection pipes, attics, laundry rooms, and under the carpets. However, silverfish is an active insect. It does not make home at one place. The insect moves around the house to find new places.

Do Silverfish Bite?

Silverfish are often found living in book bindings, or on dead hair strands, dry skin scales, old photos and newspapers, sugar, glue, and such. Due to their creepy appearance, they are often misunderstood as venom producers. Silverfish neither bites human, nor carry bacteria and viruses.

Silverfish is not dangerous; however, they have a tendency of moving fast and hiding under tiny objects or in the cracks. Therefore, it is difficult to catch them. Chances are that a person catching the silverfish might get hurt with other objects in the surrounding.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish?

Complete eradication of silverfish is only possible with professional assistance. As mentioned earlier, silverfish has the tendency of hiding in small spaces. Therefore, you should always hire a professional company to catch and eradicate the insect as well as treat the house for preventing future invasion.

Can You Get Rid of Silverfish Yourself?

It is not recommended at all to treat your house and eradicate silverfish on your own. The eradication process involves professional inspection, eradication, and treatment of the house to prevent future invasion. It includes dangerous chemical solutions, which should be handled professionally and expertly.

However, you may conduct a brief house project to prepare your house for the treatment.

  • Check your house to find the dark and damp places. Make sure that all spaces in your house receive bright light and they are ventilated.
  • Check your kitchen. Silverfish like eating dry foods like cereals and oats. Make sure that everything is tightly locked in the jars in your pantry and kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean the house and remove old clothes, photos and newspapers from it.
  • Check your house and mark the cracks and spaces from where these crawlers may enter. Make sure to fix these places after a professional treatment for the eradication of silverfish.
  • Check your HVAC system. The house may become an ideal place for silverfish if your dehumidifier is not working efficiently.

Silverfish is not dangerous but it is creepy. It may hide inside your food. It is also dangerous for babies and pets.

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