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Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

September 11, 2017  |   Blog, Pest Control Category    

Many homeowners believe that pest control is something they can do on their own without the expense of professional pest control. However, hiring a pest control company to take care of the infestations that come up or to prevent such infestations is actually more effective and strongly recommended. An experienced pest control company will have the knowledge and tools to best eliminate problems with any type of pest.

The Cost

Homeowners that choose to take on pest control on their own usually do so, first and foremost, because they believe it is the cheapest option. A simple trip to a local store for some pest control products does in fact cost less, however the products you will have access to will only allow you to treat the problem on the surface. You may not now where to look for nests, dead bugs or droppings. You may not even purchase the most effective products; some pests are highly resistant to certain types of pesticides leaving you with paying for a different product.

For example, you may find success with store-bought products and deal with termites in a particular room. But you may not realize that there is a termite nest underneath, which over the years will damage the very foundations of your home. Without the proper tools and knowledge, you would not be able to take care of the infestation at the source, which eventually would lead to more termites and the risk of costly damage to your home.

Rather than wasting money on expensive products that can be both ineffective and toxic, it is far better to hire a pest control company such as Ace Pest Control in Las Vegas. Our knowledge of pests not only enables us to eliminate pests on the surface, but more importantly at the source. Ace Pest Control also uses specialized products and effective methods in order to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently without spending more money.Our team of pest control technicians can also give you crucial tips for protecting your home from future infestations.


The majority of insecticides bought in stores is toxic and dangerous and can do more harm than good. In order to protect your family, pets and home it is far better to trust pest control experts with the knowledge on how to properly apply insecticides along with knowledge of other safe and effective methods.

Some pests are not just a nuisance, but also dangerous to both your health and your home. Many Las Vegas desert pests can be poisonous or carry disease. Attempting to manage the problem yourself puts you at the risk of being bit or stung; it can also put the structure of your home in danger if the infestation is not fully cleared out and eliminated. Ace Pest Control is able to safely and thoroughly exterminate pests without putting your family at risk of future contact leaving you with the peace of mind that your family is protected.

Las Vegas Pest Control

Instead of attempting pest control yourself, trust professionals with the knowledge and experience needed to fully eliminate pest problems. Call Ace Pest Control today at (702) 871-1211. Our team of expert technicians will safely and thoroughly eliminate pest problems in your Las Vegas home.

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