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All You Need to Know about the Identification and Control of American Cockroaches

September 1, 2016  |   Blog    

American Cockroaches Las Vegas

One of the most common insects in our homes, the American cockroaches can be sometimes intimidating, especially when they fly. Do you know that American cockroaches can be very dangerous to your health? They carry germs and viruses and transport them to your dining table, floor, or even food. Around 55 species out of 3500 cockroach species are found in the US, and American cockroaches are the fifth most common species among all.

How Do They Look?

The adult American cockroaches are around 1 inch to 1 ? inch long. They are reddish brown in color with long antennas and fully developed wings. The wings of female American cockroach end at the tip of the abdomen, whereas the wings of a male peer, extend a little outward than the tip of the abdomen.

The nymphs have similar characteristics, except that they have smaller wings or no wings at all. Due to their fully developed wings, the American cockroaches are capable of flying. However, they fly very rarely. Most of the roaches found in North America fly, and that too, when they find danger around them.

Food and Habitat

American cockroaches admire damp places like floor drains, pipes, sewers, and bathtubs. They also move from one building to another during the summer season. These cockroaches depend on decaying matter, like rotten food and natural decay in gardens. They can survive up to one month without water and up to two months without food.

Dangers of American Cockroaches

In residential places and commercial buildings, American cockroaches usually look for dead skin scales, hair, glue, rotten food, manuscripts, old papers, clothing, glossy papers, and decay of animal and plants.

The American cockroaches carry different types of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms inside their bodies. They are also active transporters of germs, viruses, and bacteria. The common diseases caused by these cockroaches include food poisoning, diarrhea, congestion, dysentery, watery eyes, skin rashes, sneezing, and skin allergies. They also aggravate asthma.

Controlling American Cockroaches

The control and prevention of American cockroaches involves poisonous chemicals. This is why it is highly suggested that you should not use these chemicals on your own. However, you can perform a few important steps to prevent cockroaches before hiring a pest control company:

  1. Conduct a full-fledge house cleaning project. Remove all old papers, newspapers, glossy sheets, and unused boxes from the house.
  2. Clean the wardrobes. Make sure that the air can easily pass through the closet when you open it. Separate all unused clothes or those which you are not planning to wear anytime soon. Pack them in a box and put it in the store.
  3. Check drainage holes. Make sure that they are covered with lids so that the cockroaches inside pipes cannot enter your home.
  4. Seal the doors and windows to block the entrance of cockroaches from outside.
  5. Always keep the food covered in kitchen or dining table.
  6. Use a bin with a cover or lid.
  7. Make sure to open the windows at least once a week to let air pass through the house.
  8. Make sure that your dehumidifier is working efficiently.

Now that you have completed the preparations from your end, you are all set to call the pest control company and eradicate these harmful cockroaches from your house. Visit our website for more information and details.

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