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Measures to Prevent Ants? Invasion in Your House after Pest Control

July 10, 2016  |   Blog    

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Ants are the smallest, yet one of the most stubborn invaders of your house. Many people recommend keeping your kitchen clean and avoiding eating in different parts of the house to avoid ants? invasion. However, even after trying all solutions and preventive measures, these persistent unwanted guests find a way to invite themselves back in .

Have You Tried Pest Control?

There are around 12000 ant species all around the world. Pavement Ant, Argentine Ant, and Odorous House Ant are the most common species of ants found in the United States.

However, the most stubborn of all is the Pharoah Ant. It is small in size and light brown in color. Pharoah ants easily get anywhere in the house by digging wood and even stones. These ants invade your house from kitchen to the mattress. Only a pest control service can help you get rid of the ants? colony. But what you should do to avoid them from coming back? These tips will help you prevent ants from coming into your home.

#1 Use Chalk

Calcium carbonate is one of the strongest ant repellants. Check the entry points of ants in your house. If you have a garden, then most of the ants will be coming from it. Draw lines with a chalk around the garden pavement and near doors and windows.

#2 Lemon

Lemon works like insecticides on ants. They also improve the room?s odor and refreshes the air. Squeeze lemon in a bowl and mix it with an equal part of water. Soak a sponge in the lemon mixture and apply the solution on doors, windows, shelves, cabinets, tabletops, and countertops. Squeeze lemon in window sills and thresholds.

#3 Peppermint and Camphor

This technique is very effective in the kitchen. The first colony of ants will search for sugar in your kitchen. These are called scout ants. The scout ants will dig holes in your kitchen cabinets to create colonies. Sprinkle some peppermint and camphor in the cabinets. Chase the ants to see where they are coming from. Sprinkle peppermint and camphor in their new homes as well.

#4 Boric Acid

Ants that live on wood and furniture are called carpenter ants. There are two ways to deal with these ants. Firstly, sprinkle boric acid on the corners of wooden walls and furniture. The second technique is to drill in the wooden walls and furniture and fill the holes with boric acid. You will need professional help to dig boric acid.

#5 Barrier Tape

Families with young children cannot use poisonous or messy powders to stop the invasion of ants. Stick an adhesive tape around doors, windows and other entry points. Make sure to keep the adhesive side upward. The ants will either stick on the adhesive surface or return from this barrier.

Seek Pest Control and Prevention Services

The regular visits of a pest control and prevention service can help you avoid ants as well as other insects. The pest control services are expert in preventing different types of insects without leaving any poisonous fumes in clean air of your house.

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