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Importance Of Controlling Bed Bug Infestation

October 1, 2017  |   Bed Bug Control, Blog    

Bed bugs were almost eradicated from the US in the 1940 but have once again become prevalent, posing an irritating threat to many. Las Vegas is no exception and sees many cases of homes afflicted with bed bug infestations.

At Ace Pest Control, we understand the serious of a beg bug problem and encourage Las Vegas homeowners to be both informed and consider the necessity of thoroughly exterminating them from your home.

The Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed off blood; they are flat shaped and have a reddish brown color. They prefer warm areas typically within or near beds or bedding. Bed bugs are mostly active at night when people are asleep, allowing them to bite without being detected as quickly. These insects use pheromones to communicate with others of its kind, attracting more to their location and causing infestation.

Bed bugs can survive up to an entire year without feeding, which is why they can go undetected for long periods of time. Bed bugs will hide in dark areas, but leave behind signs of their presence. Signs of bed bugs include rusty or red colored stains on sheets, blood or excrement spots about the size of a pen tip, and yellowish skin or eggs. Check sheets for lingering signs of bed bugs or for the bugs themselves and also check mattresses or any dark corner in your bed or bedding.

Dangers Of Bed Bugs

The bugs can feed for up to ten minutes, but bites typically resemble mosquito bites with a small red, irritated area allowing them to increase in number undetected. Bites are typically found in a grouping or line. Bites usually do not cause major health issues as they do not transmit diseases, but can lead to public health concerns if a widespread infestation is present. Symptoms of bed bugs include itchiness or burning sensation.

And if you confirm it, don?t hesitate to call in a qualified pest control service immediately. The longer you wait, the more you are allowing the bugs to spread into different areas of your home.

Las Vegas Bed Bug Control?

Ace Pest Control is a trusted bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas. Our team is trained to quickly identify infested areas and efficiently eliminate bed bugs. Call us today at (702) 871-1211 for bed bug control services that will help you sleep in peace.

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