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How Weather Affects Insect Problems In Las Vegas

September 18, 2017  |   Blog, Pest Control Category    

If you live in Las Vegas, then have likely noticed that insect infestations in your home have a tendency to be affected by the weather. Some insects are highly active in one season while remaining inactive in another. Ace Pest Control has the expertise needed to solve pest problem regardless of the type of insect or variation in season.


Fall in Las Vegas brings the monsoon season, which in turn brings out bugs such as crickets seeking the extra moisture. Rain can also lead to growth of weeds and vegetation, which also attracts insects.

While many insects go into a hibernation mode during winter, others migrate in search of warmer temperatures. Whatever insects remain will be less active in a bid to conserve their energy. As such, this is the season that you will experience the least insect problems. However, some pests still remain active such as ants and cockroaches.

Colder temperatures, however, can bring in a bigger problem ? rodents. Mice are likely to make their way into your attic, basement or walls of your home in an effort to escape cooler weather. If you start seeing gnaw marks or droppings in your home, call Ace Pest Control before the problem can multiply.


Once winter has passed and spring sets in, insects that had been dormant come crawling out. The spring season is also when insects start to mate and reproduce leading to the discoveries of insect nests in places that were barren just a few weeks back.

Spring also brings warmer weather with blooming plants and flowers, which creates a more pleasant environment with plentiful food sources for many types of insects. Termites also tend to become more active come spring and increasing into the summer months.

At Ace Pest Control, we work diligently during spring to find insect nests and destroy them completely, exterminating all insects, larvae and eggs.


As temperatures rise, there will be more pests with the potential to invade your home or property. The desert heat combined with bright sunny days brings out a wide array of insects and pests including ants, bees, spiders, earwigs, centipedes and even snakes. Insect?s inability to regulate body temperatures beyond their environment can also contribute to the size

Scorpions are also active during the hot summer months. While other insects are more of a nuisance, scorpions can be very dangerous as they are both aggressive and poisonous. Additionally, insects such as house flies, mosquitoes, bees and spiders also tend to be highly active during the summer season.

Pest Control For Any Season?

At Ace Pest Control, we recommend cleaning your house thoroughly, sealing off crevices and making sure to take out all waste in order to avoid attracting unwanted pests. Make sure that your yard is also clean, free of debris and standing water. This should help to deter insects from being too drawn to your home during any season, but if insects are still making their way into your home or invading your property you can trust our team of professional pest control technicians to provide effective pest solutions.?Contact us today for a free quote on our pest control services.

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