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How Dangerous Are Scorpions in Your Home?Types, Facts, Control, and More

July 4, 2016  |   Blog, Scorpion Control    

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Around 1500 species of scorpions exist in the world, and only a few of them are dangerous. All scorpions are venomous, but not all of them release their venom while stinging. In the?United States, the scorpions are mostly found in Arizona and New Mexico?and only the bark scorpion is considered dangerous.

Types of Scorpions
Almost all scorpions are dangerous to some extent. Small scorpions are generally venomous and more dangerous than the bigger ones. Androctonus australis is one of the most deadly scorpions. It is found in the?Middle East and North Africa only.

A small scorpion lives for 3-5 years only. However, some deadly and venomous scorpions live up to 15 years as well.

Are All Scorpion Stings Deadly?
The venom of scorpion is transferred through the?sting, and not through the bite. The sting of scorpions can be classified into three categories, including non-lethal, medium lethal, and lethal. In the?United States, only Arizona Bark Scorpion is categorized as a scorpion with a deadly sting.

The sting of other scorpions may or may not be venomous. Sometimes, very little amount of non-lethal venom is released, which swells the infected part of the skin. These scorpions are not deadly. If the infected person is allergic to insects and scorpions, then a scorpion sting might cause difficulty in breathing. It is better to take the person to an?emergency, instead of home treatment.

The second class of scorpions is medium lethal. The sting of these scorpions causes difficulty in breathing, temporary trauma, and convulsions in the infected person.

Do Scorpions Live in Damp Environment?
Unlike many other insects, scorpions like dry environments. Their bodies are very sensitive to the loss of moisture, which is why they hide in shaded locations during the daytime.
How Did They Get in My House?
Scorpions rarely leave their outdoor habitat. However, sometimes they start living indoors due to the?scarcity of food supply. They usually enter your home from ground level windows, utility lines, gas lines, and cracks and gaps in the foundation and doors. Scorpions usually hide in bathrooms, garages, kitchen cabinets, basement, and other hidden places:

  • In order to avoid scorpion invasion in your house, make sure to clean your outdoor furniture before bringing it inside the house
  • Block the cracks and gaps using a sealant or mortar
  • Scorpions do not admire damp places, but they love dry gardens for habitat. Make sure to water your garden regularly
  • Spray an insecticide in your home regularly
  • While cleaning the house, make sure to reach the hidden places as well

I Suspect Invasion of Scorpions in House. What Should I Do Now?
Scorpions can easily hide in well-protected places. However, the invasion of only one scorpion in your house may lead to the formation of a whole colony of scorpions. Take the following steps if you suspect scorpion invasion in your house:

  1. Clean the room carefully and ask all family members to stay in the room.
  2. Cover your arms and legs with full clothing. Preferably, wear thick boots to avoid scorpion sting.
  3. Call a reliable pest control service.

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