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Five mistakes homeowners make with outdoor pest control.

February 3, 2016  |   Blog, Pest Control Tips Category    

Many homeowners will find themselves in a position where they need to take steps and eradicate a pest control problem in the backyard, garden or front lawn. More often than not we find ourselves reaching for the nearest over the counter solution that offers the fastest results. Luckily, sometimes an over the counter solution is all that is needed, but more often than not that isn?t the case and the homeowner needs to take more extreme measures. Before you fight your outdoor pest problem, read about these five common mistakes homeowners make when handling their outdoor pest control problem.

Do you know what?s in the bottle?

You walk into the backyard and notice a mound of carpenter ants so you head to the hardware store to purchase a spray. In most cases, the most common mistake happens right there at the hardware store shelf, the homeowner purchases the wrong product. Unfortunately, we tend to trust the first packaging we see, but just because a product says ant killer on the label doesn?t mean that it?s the most effective product for your given problem.

So how do you know what to purchase? Try researching at home before heading to the store, there are many resources online for what chemicals work the best for your situation. If you’re still unsure, contact your local pest control professional and ask them what you should do to manage your outdoor pest problem.

If it doesn?t work, try something else.

After applying your chemical make sure to follow up because if the treatment you applied didn?t solve your problem you?re going to want to try something else. It may be due to an inferior product or maybe it isn?t effective against the species you?re facing, whatever it is move on. Try other treatments, if it hasn?t worked within the amount of time given on the package then you probably need to try a different tool for the job. Go back to the drawing board and do your research before heading back to the hardware store or contact a professional.

How dirty is your yard?

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When caught up in the moment, we as homeowners tend to run for an immediate solution and more often than not start treating our property without paying attention to the sources of the insect. Yards with piles of old leaves and wood laying around are prone to pest problems due to the breeding grounds you?re providing. If you have a pest problem outside and your yard is a mess, the first step you should take is cleaning up debris, grass clippings or leaf piles that are laying around your yard. A clean yard is the first step toward pest prevention.

Cedar Mulch is pretty amazing.

That big beautiful garden of yours also services as a haven for insects. Those ants, flies and other pesky insects taking over your house can very well be originating from your garden. A great way to fight this invasion of insects is by laying cedar mulch in the garden. Purchase your mulch from a trusted supplier and double check to make sure it?s cedar mulch and not some other wood that provides homes to carpenter ants and termites.

DYI isn?t always the cheapest.

As with anything else, investing money into a broken system can nickel and dime you till you break the bank. By the time you try every collar, trap or spray in the book it?s usually cheaper to hire a professional service right off the bat. The worst part is that you usually don?t find this out till you?ve invested a small fortune into over the counter products.

So the next time you’re faced with a pest infestation in your backyard you know what to do. When spraying make sure to do research on the chemicals you use and if they don?t work then try something else. Also, remember to keep your backyard tidy and to lay cedar mulch to keep the pest away. Not all jobs are DYI, so if you find you pest problems continue then contact a professional to have the area inspected.

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