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Don’t Bring Roaches Home With You

February 1, 2019  |   Blog, Pest Control Tips Category    

Do you work at a restaurant, fast food joint, or any sort of food establishment? Do you find yourself sick quite a lot? Most women who work in food establishments bring a purse to work with them. Since food establishments attract bugs in general, specifically roaches, I?m sure you?ve seen them everywhere! What happens is when you put your purse in your designated storage area, the bugs find it, they get in your purse, you don?t notice them, then they come home with you. The minute you get home, where do you put your purse? Most put it on the kitchen counter. Eventually, the roach will get hungry, and I’m sure you can guess where its first stop is going to be? Your cabinets. The minute they crawl across your plates and food, they defecate. Roaches carry things like E. coli and many other different types of bacteria that is horrible to human health!

How To Prevent These Critters From Coming Home With You:
1. Instead of a purse, bring a pocket-sized wallet or phone case with card slots packed only the essentials (license, insurance card, credit and debit cards, etc.)
2. Bring a purse bag with an impenetrable seal, something with a zipper so that no critters can get inside.

If you suspect some sort of roach infestation in your home or office, make sure to call a pest control and prevention company. Pest control is essential, even if you don?t suspect an infestation.