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6 Ways Cockroaches are Bad for Your Health?Solution: Hire Pest Control

July 20, 2016  |   Blog    

Cockroaches Las Vegas

An unpleasant cockroach sitting on the bread loaf will not only gross you out but will contaminate your food and become a health hazard . Cockroaches are one of the oldest insects on our planet. They are believed to be the only creatures who survived floods, earthquakes, nuclear explosions, and everything that happened over the past 70 million years. Many people are more irritated with flying roaches. But do you know that a cockroach approaching your food containers, sitting inside the refrigerator, or hiding in your closet is more dangerous? Here?s why!

1.???? Food Contaminators

Cockroaches can live on anything, but they love your food the most. When a cockroach feeds on your food, it defecates and leaves dead skin and hair behind. Sometimes, the roaches also drop their egg shells on food items.

2.???? Do Cockroaches Bite? Yes, they Do!

Roaches are omnivores by nature i.e. they can live on meat and plant. Cockroaches are not venomous but a few roach species do bite soft human flesh. The cockroaches do not bite when they find food in your house. However, some German roach species, as well as Periplaneta australasiae and Periplaneta Americana, are found to be active biters. A cockroach bite causes minor swelling and irritation on the skin. Wounds are very rare, but they are possible.

3.???? Food Poisoning

Cockroaches are active carriers of bacterium Salmonella. This bacterium causes food poisoning, typhoid, and other digestive disorders.

4.???? Allergies

Some people are allergic to physical contact with the cockroaches. However, the cockroaches can also cause allergies in a number of ways. Firstly, they may carry allergens like pollens and bring them to your contact. Secondly, the roaches release their saliva, which may cause skin allergies, skin irritation, watery eyes, and sneezing. The cockroach allergens can aggravate asthma and prove to be life-threatening for asthmatic people.

5.???? Release of Disease-Causing Bacteria

Cockroaches do not only cause digestive disorders. They may infect your other body parts as well. Some bacteria rapidly multiply in the roach gut. When cockroaches sit on your food, they release their saliva along with these bacteria, leading to severe diseases. ?For example, bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa multiplies in the roach?s gut. This bacterium is responsible for numerous diseases like urinary tract disorders, sepsis, and digestive infections.

6.???? Human Body Invasion

Small cockroaches can fly and enter your body parts like ears and nose and cause infections.

What You Should Do?

Cockroaches are not fatal but they can cause serious harms to your health. If you find cockroach invasion in your house then make sure to call a pest control and prevention service to completely eliminate the dirty and irritating creature from your house. Make sure to tightly lid the food containers and cover your food with a basket or cloth.

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