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Posted by Ray Way

Can You Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs Permanently?

April 6, 2017  |   Blog    

The ? inch long Boxelder bugs, with their unique natural contrast of colors and beautiful patterns, can sometimes be very dangerous to humans also. These

Is Silverfish Dangerous to Humans?

January 25, 2017  |   Blog    

The small and slender, light gray to blue colored crawler on your carpet i.e. silverfish is agitating and intimidating simultaneously. Also, known as fish moth

A Quick Guide on the Control of Oriental Cockroaches

December 13, 2016  |   Blog    

Many people misunderstand the water bugs, black beetles, or oriental cockroaches as bugs. These are the different names of 1?2 inch long cockroaches, which are

All You Need to Know about the Identification and Control of American Cockroaches

September 1, 2016  |   Blog    

One of the most common insects in our homes, the American cockroaches can be sometimes intimidating, especially when they fly. Do you know that American

Spiders in Home and Office?What they Can Do to Your Health?

August 1, 2016  |   Blog    

Spiders in Home and Office?What they Can Do to Your Health? There are around nine deadly species of spiders including Black Widow, Brazilian Wandering Spiders,

6 Ways Cockroaches are Bad for Your Health?Solution: Hire Pest Control

July 20, 2016  |   Blog    

An unpleasant cockroach sitting on the bread loaf will not only gross you out but will contaminate your food and become a health hazard .

Measures to Prevent Ants? Invasion in Your House after Pest Control

July 10, 2016  |   Blog    

Ants are the smallest, yet one of the most stubborn invaders of your house. Many people recommend keeping your kitchen clean and avoiding eating in

How Dangerous Are Scorpions in Your Home?Types, Facts, Control, and More

July 4, 2016  |   Blog, Scorpion Control    

Around 1500 species of scorpions exist in the world, and only a few of them are dangerous. All scorpions are venomous, but not all of

Why mice are the most damaging pest control issue in America?

May 15, 2016  |   Blog    

Mice control tops the list among the costliest and damaging pest control issues in America. Mice will not only survive in lots of environments but