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Apartment And Condominium Pest Control


Apartment pest control and condo pest extermination las vegas and henderson Nevada n nvWhether you’re a tenant or a building or property manager you know despite the fact that your apartment or condo’s are clean and everything is picked up, if there is one messy neighbor pests will find their way into the next apartment. Pest control in Nevada apartments and condos needs to be monitored by professional means, the technicians at Ace Pest Control are experts at eliminating pests in multi-family dwellings in the Las Vegas and Henderson NV surrounding areas.

Exterminate Pests In Your Apartment or Condominium

Pests, whether they are insects or rodents will search for shelter, food, and water. Once these necessities are no longer available, the chances of encountering these pests in your home are decreased. Stringent sanitation practices in the buildings, hallways of the premises, and the actual home is crucial when everyone is living close together. Eliminating pests begins with everyone’s cooperation along with periodic professional care from a professional pest exterminator. Ace Pest Control will prevent pests from returning to your home.

Prevent Pests From Returning To Your Apartment Or Condo

Apartment and condo dwellers can help in keeping insects and rodents at bay by following a few guidelines in the care of their spaces. Mice, bedbugs, roaches, spiders even ants love clutter in homes in which to build their nests to hide and breed. Excessive clutter around the home makes it nearly impossible for professional extermination experts to apply their treatments for effective control of apartment’s pests. If residents are having problems with pest control, add these effective habits to the daily routine can help.

  • Declutter the apartment by removing piles of junk mail, magazines, newspapers, and unwanted food boxes, which provides a great space for spiders, roaches, moths, and other critters for shelter
  • Store all food in tightly sealed glass or plastic containers
  • Clean food, crumbs, and cooking oils from kitchen counters and appliance (Mice only require a bit of food, which equals less than one-tenth of an ounce of food every day)
  • Put all trash in secure trash containers.
  • Daily removal of garbage and debris from the dwelling reduces temptations in the home
  • Remove uneaten food and water from pet’s bowls. Pet food and water left out also draw uninvited pests

Stop Pest From Entering Your Residence

Property Managers know any opening leading into a dwelling that is not completely sealed can be a welcome entry for any critter that senses an opportunity for food and shelter. If a neighbor is having problems with a pest infestation, their bugs can roam into the adjoining apartment. As seals and caulking ages, it shrinks opening up passageways for critters to explore and cause havoc. There are a few areas in the home that can cause concern. These areas need to be checked and sealed periodically to block pests from gaining access into the home. Ace Pest Control will identify these areas, and secure your surrounding.

Contact Ace Pest Control For Your Apartment Or Condominium

Contact the professionals at Ace Pest Control, they will first inspect the dwelling to determine the species of pest they are removing, then put a plan in place exterminate and prevent pest from returning. For the bedbugs found here in Las Vega and Henderson Nevada surrounding area, the skilled professionals at Ace Pest Control can make sure your bedbug problem goes away.

Call Ace Pest Control for your multi-family dwelling pest control needs in Las Vegas NV and the surrounding areas for a Free Quote! No Contracts required.